Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic treatment is often necessary for offices, restaurants, and music production rooms. Dandy Acoustic’s founder Michael has been optimizing the sonic qualities of such spaces in the NYC region for over 17 years.

For Offices

The acoustic quality of an office affects business.

If an office is adversely resonant, it can be challenging to talk on the phone, or impossible to have a conference call using a speakerphone. Unwanted noise can drain energy levels and cause stress. Rooms can often have noise from co-workers offices, noise from outside, or other sound sources. All of these problems have solutions.

If your office has any of these issues we can diagnose the problem and provide cost-effective and visually appealing solutions for your needs.

For Restaurants

Acoustic treatment is often overlooked in restaurant design. Research has shown restaurants can exceed 100dB of noise level, which makes it hard to hear, and can even cause hearing loss in the staff. Proper acoustic treatment in restaurants lets people dine in comfort. When a room is treated for acoustics the overall noise levels of the room are lowered. In a room with good sound, patrons can enjoy talking to their friends, the food tastes better, and the experience is more relaxing and enjoyable.

Having better sound in your restaurant is now attainable with our acoustic solutions.

For Music Production Rooms

Acoustic treatment is standard for rooms that are used for music production. Acoustic treatment can be part of the overall room design, and considering the entire construction of the space helps to create the ideal listening environment. Acoustic treatment is used to block unwanted sound, along with tuning a room for the most even and clear listening possible.

Experiencing music played in a properly designed space can leave listeners breathless, as if hearing music for the first time.