Client Reviews

“What sets Michael apart from other people I’ve worked with is his creativity. In all of the projects I’ve hired him on – and there have been many – he has brought an amazing level of creative problem-solving and enthusiasm to the table that helped take the projects to the next level. It’s one thing to be satisfied with somebody’s work… it’s another thing to be delighted by it; Michael delivers on both.”

Chris Smith
Mixtape Club
Executive Creative Director / Partner

“Talking on the phone in our newly constructed Brooklyn offices, made with glass walls and epoxy covered concrete floors, generated a disruptive amount of echo in the rooms. We were fortunate to be referred to Michael, who was able to assess the situation and develop a two-step solution. He clearly communicated how each phase addressed certain problems and the resulting improvements were right in line with the expectations he set. The neatly tailored finished panels blend right into the ceiling, not catching the eye of visitors. Overall we were very happy with the experience, the price point, and the results.”


“Michael is a pleasure to work with. He is honest and delivers quality construction on time. He built out a control room at our previous studio. In addition, he makes a very dandy wah pedal. Give him a call!”

Wilson Brown
Executive Creative Director / Partner
ANTFOOD: New York / São Paulo / Amsterdam

“I’ve both worked alongside Mike and hired him on jobs and he’s incredibly knowledgeable, diligent, professional, and hard working. He delivers excellent sounding rooms executed with the craftsmanship of an experienced luthier.”

Matthew Aidekman
Audio Engineer and Studio Consultant

“Michael knows studios. His work at Flux Studios here in NYC has really helped bring the place up acoustically and aesthetically.”

Fab Dupont

“Michael’s know-how when it comes to building studio spaces and sound friendly environments is unparalleled. From design to actual building, the guy knows what’s up!!!!”

Teddy Kumpel

“The good Dr. Whipple is enthusiastic about audio. He will turn your messy low end to a smooth and sensual massage for your ears. His eye for detail will not miss any crucial spots. He will work with you closely to both achieve mutual audio happiness.”

Tim K
Composer / Producer

“I have worked with Michael in many capacities. He has a keen awareness of both sound and aesthetics. He has found solutions, both physical and sonic, to issues in my studio. He has also done great work in my living space. The centerpiece of my living room is a treehouse-loft for my kids. I trust him with my amplifiers, guitars, and pedals, all of which have seen major improvements with his attention. I would recommend Michael for any acoustic/sonic treatment or honestly any other project you can dream up.”

Clifford Lane
Volume Inc.

“In my dealings with Michael, I found him to perform the job(s) as we had originally specified, easily meeting my expectations with the finished project(s). He is easy to deal with, communicates well, stays within the budget, and completes the work in the agreed upon time frame. I highly recommend him.”

Stan Zielin

“I’ve used dandy job on several projects and have found the work to be thorough, of high quality, and done in a timely way. This is a good go-to company. I recommend him fully.”

Chris Rucker
RHD Project

“I’ve hired Mike over the past several years for all kinds of contracting jobs. He’s always punctual, reliable, and does a great job. His work is neat, clean, and detail oriented. He also cleans up after the job is done. I’d recommend him to anyone.”

Fon-Lin Nyeu

“When I started with VICE my first assignment was to oversee the soundproofing and audio quality improvement of our screening room. Michael was professional, straightforward, easy to work with, and did a great job. When we needed to build an adjacent mixing room we came back to him.”

Jim Czarnecki
Executive Producer

“I was creating music in an apartment right next to a humongous construction site and I wanted to create a solution for blocking the noise from the street coming in through my windows. Michael designed and built a frame and panel system that I could use to block the windows out whenever I wanted to record. I’ve been working with him on studio, construction, and furniture projects ever since. He has great taste and a real knack for problem-solving. He pays close attention to sound and acoustics without breaking your budget. I couldn’t recommend him enough.”

Matt Lewkowicz

“I use Michael for all my recording studio build-outs. Michael recently installed a soundproof window for one of our control rooms. He sourced all the materials and was able to get it installed in a timely manner.

He was easy to work with and does fast quality work.”

Abe Seiferth
Producer / Studio Owner
Transmitter Park Studio

What I liked about Michael was that he was honest, on time and cleaned up his mess at the end of everyday. Little things like working clean and having the right tools already on hand go a long way. He did what he said he’d do and finished the job when he said he would. His quote was detailed and easily understandable. To go along with all of that, he was an absolute pleasure to work with! 

Darren Grenia
Yours Sincerely Bar/ Partner

Michael, I love this room! The sound is amazing in here.

Thanks for helping out and lending amazing ideas.

Live in Love -Live in Peace -Grow in Freedom-

The Chief Apostle
Cory Henry

“Mike does excellent work. His variety of skills makes him a resource for a wide range of jobs and his attention to detail ensures quality. I will continue to utilize Dandy Job, and would recommend him to anyone.”